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How it works:

If you decide you can handle my sass, swearing, and sarcasm, and that you’d like to work with me, we’ll sign a simple contract, and I’ll have you fill out a basic questionnaire. Using that, and any additional conversations we have, I’ll put together the initial draft of your ceremony. I’ve been doing this a long time and I absolutely love it. I like to develop a good relationship with my couples so that I can best create the ceremony you really want. I can do religious, or non-religious, or funny, or serious, or romantic, or some combination of all of them – anything that you’d like. We’ll talk about what you want to include, what you’ll try to murder me for including, we’ll talk about vows, rings, additional ceremony acts (think unity candles, ring warming, etc…) any and everything.

You will have unlimited options for tailoring the whole thing to suit you as a couple. At no point will I abandon you to figure things out. Additionally, at no point will I get angry about changes you want to make nor will I argue or try to talk you into or out of anything you think you want. We’ll talk about everything and make it yours!

This is YOUR show, I’m just the stagehand!

Pricing Package

basic fees

Package: $375


$1.25 per mile*
(for anything over 20 miles, round trip)