Invite Your Officiant!

Remember to invite your wedding professionals.

It occurs to me that while I’m always CONTRACTED to attend a wedding, I am rarely actually INVITED! I know it’s the same for a lot of my wedding pro friends, as well.

While inviting them is the polite thing to do, it’s also beneficial. If we have an invitation in front of us, we can make sure nothing on our paperwork is missing, and it guarantees that we know ALL the details that we may have overlooked – like dress codes.

Additionally, I know lots of us who like to collect ‘treasures’ from weddings. Our boutonnieres, napkins, matchbooks, whatever you’re providing as memorabilia for your guests, we tend to grab, too. I have several bulletin boards with random wedding swag (and other professionals’ cards) and I LOVE to look at them and remember little tidbits about the couple or the day.

SO – invite your professionals – officiant, photographer, DJ, coordinator, caterer, baker, etc…
If you need the address, all you ever have to do is ask!

Happy Sunday!


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